We realize that cash flow is important to any business but that the hassles of financing can often be a real deterrent to obtaining the equipment your business needs. That's why we have formed business relationships with leasing companies. With a phone call we can set the whole process in motion and before you know it the equipment you need will be in your shop making you money.


These leasing companies can even perform the entire application process over the phone, making it a quick and easy process.


Here are some reasons to consider leasing your new, used, or refurbished equipment:


Tax Benefits

  • Leasing provides the much desired tax write-off.


Tailored Payments

  • Payments can be tailored to fit your budget and needs.
  • The "Early Payoff" option allows you to pay off your lease after 12 months.
  • The "Early Payoff" option is amortized similar to a conventional loan.
  • The "Easy Lease" offers the first six months of a $10K dollar lease at $30.
  • The "90 Day Deferred" lease requires only last month up front with $1.00 buyout.
  • The "Dollar Buyout-No Advance Payment" lease is easy to get into.


Quick Service, Quick Approval

  • Your application will be handled quickly and accurately often with an approval the same day.


Less Hassle

  • Because transactions are generally approved in just a day or two, with information secured over the telephone, this eliminates the need for elaborate financial statements, tax returns, etc. as is routinely required by conventional financing.



  • Need to skip a payment, reduce a payment, step up a payment? These programs are flexible.


Conserve Capital

  • Low monthly payments and minimum deposits free hard-earned money for other uses. Leasing permits immediate use of equipment without major cash outlay.


Protect Your Credit Lines

  • Lease payments are treated as expense items and do not effect borrowing power.


Would you like to see for yourself how easy it can be? Please contact us and we will put you in contact with one of our recommended leasing companies, or click on the link above to Paramount Financial Services. NOTE: A nominal documentation fee collected by the leasing company does apply to all leases in addition to any required down-payments or buyout cost.


At Team Bear USA we make purchasing fast, easy, and convenient. We accept all major credit cards and have many attractive and customizable leasing packages to choose from OAC. Please click on the direct link to Paramount Financial Services for their application and quote tool.



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